7 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Diet During the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up, and this season can be a struggle for those looking to maintain their diet and stick to their weight loss goals. The holiday season doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy habits, however! Keep following your weight loss goals with these easy tips to prepare your diet for the upcoming holidays.

1. Eat Beforehand

The holiday seasons may have you attending party after party, so it’s important to prepare yourself before each event. Eat a small, healthy snack before you head to a holiday event. This will help you keep from feeling hungry, so you can enjoy a few treats without overindulging. Look for a snack that is high in good fats, fiber, and protein for a choice that will keep you going through the whole party.

2. Stick to Smaller Portions

Portion control is important, but it can become even more critical when you’re faced with heavy, calorie-rich holiday foods. Rather than deny yourself your favorite dishes, take smaller servings and cut your calorie intake that way.

3. Take the Time to Savor

Get the conversation flowing, and take some time to slow down your eating. Enjoying a meal at a slower pace has been proven to help you eat less. By slowing down, you allow your body to process that your stomach is full, before you overeat. Take your time and enjoy your favorite treats, and you may discover that you don’t feel like going back for seconds.

4. Reach for Low-Calorie Snacks

Snacks are a common part of holiday parties, but cookies, candy, and other sugary treats can easily break your diet. If you’re feeling hungry, help yourself to some lower calorie snacks, such as vegetables, fruit, hummus, and other filling munchies. Don’t forget to try a sweet treat or two, which can help you from feeling denied and curb cravings.

5. Watch Your Liquid Calories

You may be carefully watching what you eat at holiday parties, but your drinks can easily pack in plenty of calories that you may not realize. Eggnog is a seasonal favorite, but this beverage can have high amounts of sugar. Look for lower-calorie options, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to feel full for longer. You may want to try cocktails such as gin and tonic or vodka and club soda for a low-calorie drink. Avoid cocktails that involve fruit or fruit juice, since these typically are quite sugary.

6. Indulge, but Don’t Over Indulge

Avoiding holiday treats and seasonal dishes can leave you feeling left out and frustrated. You may even over indulge later if you aren’t careful. Partake in small servings of your absolute favorite dishes, and pass up foods that you aren’t as fond of. A treat or two won’t harm your diet, and you may be less tempted by the cookie tray if you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth.

7. Tweak Your Recipes or Try Healthier Versions

If you are hosting, treat your guests to delicious and healthy options. Often, you can make healthier substitutes to your own recipes, or find health-conscious versions of holiday favorites. Take the time to try out a new twist on an old favorite. It may become a family tradition!

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