Is It Helpful to Meal Prep After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

If you recently underwent gastric bypass surgery, you have taken the first step toward achieving a healthy weight and better future that is unhindered by the health concerns associated with obesity. However, this is only the beginning. Following a strict diet in the aftermath of your gastric bypass surgery is critical to the healing process and your long-term success. Some foods can interrupt the healing process, put stress on the staple line, and ultimately cause a leak. To avoid any setbacks, you should have a clear meal plan that is easy for you to follow.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you do not hit any road bumps on your path toward a healthy weight through gastric bypass:

  • For the first week after surgery, you will likely have to restrict yourself to consuming only clear liquids. Your dietician will decide exactly how many days this stage will last, so heed his or her instructions. Generally, gastric bypass patients can only consume water, fat-free milk, fat-free broth, and sugar-free jello during the first week. These should be relatively easy and straightforward to prepare. You might even be asked to incorporate protein shakes into your diet a few days after the surgery.
  • During the second and third week after your surgery, you will be able to eat pureed foods and protein shakes. You should not have any caffeinated or carbonated beverages. Recommended sources of protein include protein shakes, egg whites, non-fat soft cheese, and non-fat cottage cheese. These foods should be pureed with water, fat-free milk, or both.
  • Beginning on your sixth week, you will finally be able to start eating solid foods. The diet that you follow during this week should be the diet you continue following in the future to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Meal prepping is a great way to ensure you do not fall off the wagon and give into any previous bad habits. An effective way to get started is to buy foods that are high to moderate in protein and to always have a variety. Having a variety will help keep you from getting bored of your pre-planned meals. Remember, not many people can eat the same meals every day no matter how nutritious they are, so prep a variety of meals. This is about maintaining a lifestyle rather than following a short-term diet.

Part of meal prepping should also include portion control. Tupperware is a good way to portion out your food and prevent overeating. Only eat the portions you prepare. To avoid any unnecessary temptations, do not stock your pantry with junk food and try to only eat out on occasion.

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