Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey with These 10 Summer Exercises

Summer is a great time to start your weight loss journey. The warm weather and vacation time may inspire you to start shedding the pounds and to discover a new, healthier you! Get a jumpstart on your weight loss journey with 10 of our favorite exercises to get you moving.

1. Beach Volleyball

Grab a ball and hit the sand! Beach volleyball is a full body work out that tones the arms, legs, shoulders, and core muscles. During a match, you’re in constant motion, changing direction, squatting, diving, jumping and running. The added resistance of the sand court can help boost the calorie burn. You can burn up to 335 calories playing 30 minutes of beach volleyball on the sand.

2. Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Take advantage of California’s beautiful coasts and gear up for a scuba dive or snorkeling trip. These activities are both strengthening and a good cardiovascular workout. Breath control while swimming pushes your cardiovascular system to engage more, and swimming engages your legs, back, glutes, core, shoulders, and arms. Add the workout of carrying pounds of extra gear on land and the resistance of your gear in the water for a calorie burning boost. A half hour of snorkeling can burn around 170 calories, while 30 minutes of scuba diving can burn up to 400 calories.

3. Surfing or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

If being above the water is more your speed, you may want to check out surfing or stand-up paddle boarding. While these aren’t the highest calorie burners, they do come with a coolness factor that will make your exercise routine something to brag about. Surfing works your whole body and can improve your balance. It also can be a great cardio workout, since your board won’t paddle itself out to the lineup. Easier to learn, stand-up paddle boarding can also be taken to any lake. This works out your core, upper body, and lower body as you work to balance and paddle your board. Surfing can burn about 261 calories in a half hour of exercise, while recreational paddle boarding clocks in at about 200 calories for a half hour.

4. Running or Jogging

Leave the treadmill behind and take your run outdoors. You can enjoy the scenery, and the natural challenges of running outdoors can push you to run faster or farther than normal. Uneven footing can be a hazard, so be sure to watch your step, but the slight variations can help you develop muscle tone and agility. Plan a route that takes you across flat ground, as well as up and down hills for the maximum effect. A 5 mile-per-hour pace can burn about 290 calories in a half hour of running.

5. Walking

If you aren’t quite ready to take a run, walking is also a great choice of exercise. Walking can be easily incorporated into your daily life to make exercise easy, or you can set aside time to walk and focus on that time to meditate, think about your day, or just enjoy the scenery. Grab Spot’s leash for some added company and help your furry friend maintain a healthy weight as well. Like running, incorporating hills into your route can boost the calories you can burn. A 30-minute power walk can burn around 200 calories, while a more leisurely 30-minute walk can burn about 90 calories.

6. Tennis

Pick up a racket and challenge a friend to a watch. Tennis involves spurts of high-intensity activity, which has been shown to be an effective fat-burning method of exercise and a great cardio work out. It also improves your balance, hand-eye coordination and can tone your legs, core, shoulders, and arms. Over the course of a match, you can cover between 3 and 5 miles, mostly at a sprint! A singles match can burn up to 300 calories every 30 minutes of play.

7. Swimming

Head to your local pool and get some laps in. Swimming is a fantastic full body and cardio work out. It is gentle, impact-free exercise for those with joint problems that make other exercises difficult, and it works every major muscle group in the body. Swimming with bursts of intense exercise alternated with short recovery periods can help you burn about 270 calories in a half hour.

8. Rollerblading

Rollerblading targets the glutes, leaving you with a lifted and firm bottom that you’ll be proud to show off in your new swimsuit. It also works the back of your thighs, inner thighs, and calves to firm and tone your legs. Aim for a brisk pace to get the most out of your skating and get a good cardio work out. A half hour of a brisk pace can burn about 450 calories.

9. Hiking

If you love nature, hiking may be a perfect choice for you. Uneven footing and steep inclines can create a challenge for your muscles, while you enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you. It works the glutes, legs, and core muscles, while also boosting your cardiovascular endurance. Add a pair of walking sticks to aid balance and turn hiking into a full body work out. Build up your endurance with longer and more challenging hikes, and always be sure to tell someone your plans. A half hour of moderate-difficulty hiking can burn about 265 calories.

10. Kayaking or Rowing

For another incredible full-body work out on the water, check out kayaking and rowing. These challenging cardiovascular workouts increase your endurance and are low impact exercises. Resistance of the wind, water, waves, and other factors can boost your calorie burn, while challenging your skills. You can take these exercises on a river, the ocean, or a lake for a relaxing outing. Rowing or kayaking can burn 170 calories every half hour.

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