How to Maintain a Healthy Diet During Summer Vacation

Vacation is a time to unwind, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw your diet and your progress on your weight loss journey out the window. Summer vacation shouldn’t make you anxious, however. Keep your diet healthy this summer, even while traveling with these tips!

Fight the Urge to Splurge

Trying new foods, enjoying a fancy restaurant, or even just eating out to avoid cooking can lead you to overindulge. While you shouldn’t avoid eating out on vacation or deny yourself the opportunity to try local treats, it is important that you make good choices at mealtimes. Pack healthy snacks to help tide you over between meals and to prevent your eyes from being bigger than your stomach when it comes time to order. Choose healthy options and practice portion control when eating.

Some ways you can dine out without harming your diet include:

  • Ordering half or light portions
  • Sharing an entrée
  • Taking home leftovers or boxing half the meal before eating
  • Ordering an appetizer as an entrée
  • Requesting sauces and dressing on the side
  • Avoiding dinner bread or taking a smaller piece
  • Sample others’ dishes to try the local cuisine without overeating.

Take a Hike

Choose walking over other methods of transport whenever possible. Sightseeing is an excellent way to get your steps in for the day. You can also spend some time swimming in the hotel pool, take advantage of the hotel gym, or try a new sport such as surfing, hiking, kayaking, or scuba diving. Offset your increased calorie intake by finding fun, vacation-friendly ways to exercise.

Choose a Daily Treat

It can be difficult to balance a healthy diet with trying local treats, but it can be done. Choose a treat a day, and then pick healthier options later. It is important to focus on moderation, rather than outright denying yourself the treat.

Avoid the Mini-Bar

Alcohol, juices, sodas, and sweets all may stock your room’s mini-bar, but they can derail your diet quickly. Stay away from the bar and look for healthier options instead, such as pressed juices, sparkling water, fruit, and low-calorie options.

Water is Critical

Drinking your daily water requirement each day can keep all systems running, prevent fatigue and heat-related illness, and keep you satisfied for longer. Reach for your water bottle instead of a sugary drink or food. If you’re still feeling peckish after a drink of water, a healthy snack may be in order. Your water intake can help your immune system as well, to prevent illness on your trip.

Get Your Veggies

The “Five a Day” rule should still hold true, even on vacation. Make sure you get five servings of fruit and vegetables a day to make your meals feel more satisfying. Vegetables and fruit can provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can help your body adjust to your travels and prevent illness. Adequate nutrition can help you minimize the negative effects of travel and boost your immune system.

Eat When Hungry, Stop When Comfortable

One last bite may be tempting when confronted with a delicious dish, but you can benefit from listening to your body’s natural rhythm. Eat meals and snacks when you’re hungry, and when you are satisfied, take the rest to go. You will save yourself the needless calories, and you may discover that you want to eat less overall.

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