The N.E.W. Program Dietitian interviewed by about "Diabetes Diet"...

The nutritionists and dietitians at The N.E.W. Program are experts in weight loss and and have a lot of experience treating and counseling patients with weight-related medical conditions. Stephanie Castillo recently reached-out to The N.E.W. Program Registered Dietitian, Sean Meadows, for some info on diabetes, prediabetes and the impact diet can have on those conditions. Sean had this to say:

“When I first started practicing, my clients were mostly 35+ years old, but now I am seeing more and more clients from my own ‘millennial’ generation,” Meadows explained. “It’s puzzling that the millennials, having grown-up with the most access to information in history, including health information, seem to be struggling as much as any other generation in implementing healthy living practices. Incredibly, there are now more overweight and obese 18- to 35-year-olds than there have ever been and, consequently, there are more cases of prediabetes showing up.”

When asked about the right diet for people with prediabetes, Sean responded:

…the recommendations he extends diabetic clients aren’t much different than what he recommends to non-diabetic clients; you can’t go wrong eating a ‘whole food-based’ diet that is protein-rich, high fiber, and contains the proper number of calories. With these basic ideas, he said there are infinite meal plan and recipe combinations one can enjoy.

It is common for Sean and all The N.E.W. Program MDs to see incredible transformations in the health and fitness of their patients. Sean had these hopeful words of advice for people struggling with weight-related health issues:

“If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, in some ways you’re lucky, because you have a chance to make some lifestyle changes that can really improve your life and help avoid developing type 2 diabetes,” Meadows concluded. “Moving forward, it is so important to remember that achieving a healthy body weight will help you avoid many health problems and the best plan to achieve this is to stay focused on eating healthy foods and staying physically active.”

If you are struggling with achieving a healthy weight, Sean and the medical staff at The N.E.W. Program would love to help you. We have a number of different treatment options that could be appropriate for you! You can read the rest of the article from which these quotes were taken on