Staying Fit Through the Holidays!

Holiday season is upon us! The weather is getting cooler and we are all getting excited about winter festivities. Even here in Newport Beach, we are getting a little chill in the air as Thanksgiving approaches. While we are all looking forward to enjoying time with friends and family during the upcoming vacation season, The N.E.W. Program team is taking extra time to make sure our clients have a plan to stay fit. Our clients are working so hard to achieve and maintain their fitness goals and we know all too well how awry routines can go during the holidays. We want you to be the fittest and healthiest you can be when January 1, 2016 arrives, so check-out the following list and identify a couple items that you can apply to your holiday season:

  • Holiday Portion Control-Nobody wants to miss out on their favorite holiday foods, but they can be loaded with far more calories than you can imagine. Make sure that you have only very small portions of high calorie foods. You know the ones: pies, cakes, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc, etc… Enjoy them, but in small amounts!
  • Take Your Workout Gear with You When You Travel-When you show-up to your aunt’s ,uncle’s, cousins or siblings houses, you should have your gym bag in-tow. There is always more downtime than people expect during family visits and a lot of that downtime can be used to get in a workout. Bring your workout clothes and resistance bands and get your friends and family moving, too!
  • Walk Around the Airport-I know you are not looking forward to the delays and inconveniences of holiday flights, but you can make the most of it. You are going to have to arrive early and you can make the most good use your downtime by going on a brisk walk through the airport. These few hours when travelling to and from your destination can help you stay on track with your exercise routine and keep you in the right mindset.
  • Use Vacation Time to Get More Exercise-We know how hard it can be to squeeze in a workout during busy workweeks. Look at this holiday season in a new light, by finding as many opportunities to be active as you can. Everyone’s physiology is different, but my guess is that, during the 6 week holiday season, a 10-20 lbs weight change can happen. I know this type of weight loss is possible because I’ve seen many clients achieve this in the first 6 weeks of our N.E.W. Fit ™ Program. So, take full advantage of your extra time off this season and we’ll continue to cheer you on while you achieve new levels of fitness and holiday cheer!

-Sean M.

The N.E.W. Program Registered Dietitian