Asks Dr. Quebbemann "Why Men Lose Weight Easier Than Women"

Dr. Quebbemann’s expertise in medical weight loss is highly sought after and he helps inform physicians and patients across the country about the science of and techniques behind the most effective weight loss programs. He was recently asked by to explain how weight loss expectations should differ between men and women.

Dr. Quebbemann had this to say about it in the article:

“Women will lose less weight, compared to men, even if they cut the same number of calories,” says Brian Quebbemann, MD, a bariatric surgeon with the Chapman Medical Center in California and president of The N.E.W. Program. “Men need more calories to supply energy to their muscles and other organs, which are larger, on average, than those of women.” Even if you and your BF are the same height, he’ll have more lean muscle mass, requiring the consumption of more calories, says Quebbemann. “What’s more, men have seven times the testosterone as women, which increases their metabolism independently from the muscle mass factor.”

So ladies, don’t be so hard on yourself when comparing your weight loss to the weight loss of guys. There is a gender difference at work and this is a good thing as Dr. Quebbemann went on to say in the article:

“You don’t need to be—and shouldn’t be—as lean as a guy! For optimum health, 12 to 18 percent of a man’s weight should come from fat. For women, that target balloons to 18 to 24 percent, Quebbemann says. Try to achieve the same body fat percentage as your boyfriend, and your health will suffer. “Women with less than 12 to 14 percent body fat content will often have irregular menstrual cycles,” he says. “Plus, body fat seems to have a substantial effect on emotional health, with women often suffering from depression when they ‘achieve’ extremely low body fat percentages.”

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