The Summertime Smoothie

Fruit smoothies can be healthy but can also hit you with a load of worthless calories. Fruit smoothies from fast food chains, and slushy fruit drinks, generally have well over 100 calories per 8 ounces, and are served in 16 ounce cups, or more. This means that the “healthy smoothie” you think you’re buying has more sugar and more calories than a can of regular Coke. Solving this problem is all about awareness; just because the name mentions vegetables and fruit, or because it has a “healthy” color, doesn’t mean it’s so. The Jamba Juice “Greens and Ginger” smoothie, listed in their “Fruit and Veggie” section, sounds incredibly healthy, but the 22 ounce serving packs 90 gm of sugar and 440 calories, or 18+ calories/ounce —- hardly a light and nutritious fitness drink. In comparison, a 20 ounce Coca-Cola™ has 65 gm sugar and 240 calories, or 12 calorie/ounce! My advice is to avoid commercial smoothies altogether.

If you want a truly refreshing fruit smoothie, make one. Two peaches, a cup of plain low-fat yogurt and a pint of ice, blended up into a smoothie is tasty, refreshing, lower in simple sugar, and full of nutrition; 15 grams protein, vitamins, fiber and more. Plus, you get 32 ounces of real hydration.