Another N.E.W. Program Success Story-"Mark Loses 150 lbs..."

Have you ever wondered if The N.E.W. Program could really help you, a family member, or a friend lose weight and be life-changing? The successful journey of one of our recent patients may answer those questions. Mark, a 54-year-old family man and a motorcycle enthusiast from La Mirada, had the gastric sleeve procedure done over a year ago and after losing 153 pounds so far, his weight loss success has dramatically changed not only his health, but his life.

“A lot has changed since my weight loss,” said Mark. “My kids know that I can outrun them for once. I have more energy and can move faster and don’t just sit at home before I’m tired. The weight loss has greatly improved the quality of my life and I am very glad that I did the surgery.”

But before Mark experienced transformation, he had to make some serious choices. When he turned 50, his metabolism slowed down and he put on 95 pounds in three years, with him weighing in at 385 at his heaviest point. Mark decided something about his life had to change when his knees started hurt and he felt his quality of life was greatly reduced, as he was no longer able to be as active as he used to be. After talking with his doctor at PIH Health about his health, he was referred to see Dr. Braverman.

“I choose the sleeve procedure because in talking with Dr. Braverman we both thought it would be the best procedure for me.”

What you may not know about the gastric sleeve, is that is a non-reversible procedure. Although the gastric sleeve is a great option if you qualify for it, the irreversible aspect of it may seem scary to some people when considering bariatric surgery. This was a fear Mark faced after his initial consult with Dr. Braverman. But despite his fears, Mark did some homework because he knew this was vital to his health.

“My first fear was that this procedure was non reversible and what if I had complications,” Mark said. “Since I’m a director at the hospital, I asked the Surgery Director about Dr. Braverman and got a huge approval. I was told that with Dr. Braverman I was in the best hands possible.”

After his surgery, Mark returned to work the first week after his surgery with Dr. Braverman’s approval. He said the first two weeks post-surgery were the hardest for him, but after that he felt like it got easier because he could start eating some solid foods again. With the help of The N.E.W. program doctors and staff, Mark was prepared for making healthy habits with food after his surgery to give him the best weight loss success possible.

“It’s a big life change and I soon learned how to adapt to eating smaller portions and staying hydrated. I don’t get hungry like I did before and at times I need to remind myself to eat and drink! I have no restrictions on my diet and I eat whatever I want, just much smaller portions.”

Mark is definitely a model patient. He understood going into this that just having surgery alone wouldn’t change his life and make him lose weight– he understood he had to be committed and make some changes as well. Mark took the knowledge and advice he gained through his entire journey with The N.E.W. Program and put it into action, which he attributes to his success. He has this advice to anyone considering bariatric surgery and wants to have successful:

“You need to prepare yourself for some major life changes. The N.E.W. Program did a great job of educating me on exactly what to expect. Dr. Braverman did his part by doing a great job on my surgery and I needed to do my part by following the program and staying healthy. I feel my success is because of the great program and support The N.E.W. Program offers.”

Today Mark weighs in at 232 pounds, and for being 6’6”, it is a great weight for him. He no longer suffers from sleep apnea and is very active. For the first time Mark is able to not only keep up with his kids in their twenties, but also outrun them. Recently he and his wife rode his Harley Davidson to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, riding through 12 states for over 4,800 miles in two weeks.

We are so proud of Mark! Patient success stories like these keep us excited to be helping people change their lives. We feel this excitement every day in our clinics. Our surgeons, Dr. Braverman and Dr. Quebbemann have a passion for helping patients lose weight and our entire clinic staff provides a tremendous amount of support to inspire patients like Mike. If you need help losing weight, call us! We would love to add you to our list of success stories. Call 949-722-7662.

Here is a picture of Mike and his wife enjoying their new found active lives after incredible weight loss: